Our goal is to be the dream we want to see in the world

The Earth Federation Institute serves as a dynamic think tank and family of activists devoted to creating a world system of freedom, justice, and peace.  Faculty and students of the Institute examine solutions to world challenges in depth and from a comprehensive and holistic systems perspective.  (We are in the process of changing our name to the Earth Constitution Institute (ECI))

Below you will find photos of some of the seminars, workshops, and lectures we have given around the world on behalf of world peace with justice and sustainability as provided by the Earth Constitution.

EFI emphasizes integrating solutions to global problems through the elaboration of world law with a democratic world parliament held to limits under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (Earth Constitution).

The Earth Federation Institute is sponsor of the World Parliament University (WPU) and works closely with the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA).

The Earth Constitution Institute designs, offers and conducts non-degree, not-for-credit courses in a variety of subjects. Specifically, Earth Federation Institute provides training on the Earth Constitution and world legislation so that students subsequently have the necessary knowledge and competence to work in the offices, administrations and civil services of the world districts and other jurisdictions defined in the Earth Constitution and world legislation. Below are photos of some of our events from around the world.

Earth Federation Institute(“EFI”) is 501(c)(3) educational charity and Virginia non-profit corporation.




 EFI in Togo, West Africa


EFI in Ghana, West Africa


EFI in Bangladesh


EFI at the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica


EFI in Macedonia


EFI in Mexico


EFI in the Philippines


EFI and WCPA with Prof. Ananthanarayanan in Chennai, India


EFI in Croatia


EFI in Nepal


EFI in Libya