What You Can Do to Support the Earth Federation

What You Can Do to Support the Earth Federation Movement

Many Resource materials can be downloaded from our websites:

www.earth-constitution.org       www.earthfederationinstitute.org    www.oneworldrenaissance.org 

  1. Encourage individuals to become members of the World Constitution and Parliament Association(WCPA) and/or the Earth Federation Institute (EFI) by filling out and returning a membership application form. 
  2. Encourage individuals to become personal ratifiers of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth by signing the Pledge of Allegiance that can be done on-line at www.earth-constitution.org.  The pledge is on-line at our web sites.  By doing this individuals are officially recognized as legal World Citizens under the Constitution.
  3. Establish, develop, and participate in local chapters of WCPA.

WCPA chapters tend to be advocacy chapters for ratification of the Earth Constitution. Organize seminars on behalf of EFI and WCPA.  EFI promotes courses, study groups, and seminars on world problems and their solution under the Earth Constitution. We also sponsor the World Parliament University (WPU).  WCPA chapters can do this as well as visit legislators, judges, and political leaders on behalf of the Constitution and the Earth Federation.

  1. Initiate attention-getting social service projects in your area at which you hand out information concerning the Earth Federation Movement (EFM). This can include development of permaculture projects, educational projects, environmental projects, sustainable development projects, etc. Hand out literature for WCPA and the Earth Federation Movement as part of every project.
  2. Urge organizations to which you belong to become members of the Earth Federation Movement (EFM). (Membership is free for organizations.) Organizations that are members of EFM affirm ratification of the Earth Constitution and make this known in their literature at the same time that they continue to work for their specific organizational goals. They should display an insignia stating “Member – Earth Federation Movement.”
  3. Establish and develop web sites concerning WCPA and EFI or linking existing sites to WCPA and EFI sites.
  4. Form study groups to study the Earth Constitution and use the knowledge gained to educate others. Hold seminars and lectures on world problems and their solution under the Earth Constitution.
  5. Form local advocacy groups to visit, educate, and urge members of national and regional governments to support the Earth Constitution. Cultivate a working relationship with sympathetic members of your parliament to have them attend events for WCPA or introduce resolutions on behalf of the Constitution.
  6. Write letters to local media supporting the Earth Federation Movement and your local work on its behalf. Forward copies of these letters to World Headquarters. Get radio and TV interviews about this work.
  7. Attend sessions of the Provisional World Parliament as an observer or a delegate. The 11th Session was held July 2-8, 2009 in Nainital, India. The 12th Session will be coming up in late 2010 or 2011. Have your group raise funds to send one of its members to the Parliament.
  8. As a delegate to the Provisional World Parliament volunteer to work for Commissions involved with developing provisional world government. Use the prestige of being a “Delegate to the Provisional World Parliament” to promote this work within your own country.
  9. Advertise, work for, and promote a Founding Ratification Convention for the Earth Constitution.
  10. Keep World Headquarters appraised of your activities on behalf of the Earth Federation Movement so that these may be announced in on-line newsletters and publications.
  11. Support the WCPA and EFI financially. Make a monthly commitment to the Earth Federation Institute as a tax deductible 501C3 organization. Put a bequest in your will. Raise funds on behalf of the Earth Federation Movement. Get others to do the same. Share the joy of building a real future for humanity and our precious planet Earth.