we dream of love
we dream of union
we dream of peace
we dream of equality
we dream of prosperity
we dream of democracy
we dream of happy families
we dream of a clean environment
we dream of sustainable civilizations
we dream of human, animal and plant rights
we dream of planet resources belonging to all of us




Overview and Commitment:


The Earth Federation Movement works with the Earth Federation Institute and with the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) to transform our planet to a place of peace, justice, and sustainability.  WCPA is a worldwide organization working with love and dedication for these goals. We are widely affiliated with human rights organizations, environmental organizations, peace organizations, and others working for a decent future of planet Earth.

The World Constitution and Parliament Association
is the organization responsible for drafting the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and for promoting its ratification by the people and nations of Earth. WCPA is dedicated to creating non-military democratic Earth Federation under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Since 1958, the organization has worked through its worldwide membership to write and certify the Earth Constitution in four international Constituent Assemblies.

Under the authority of Article 19 of the Earth Constitution the WCPA has also sponsored 14 sessions of the Provisional World Parliament to
date, building a new world order of freedom, justice, prosperity, and equality within the shell of the old, unjust world order. Below is a summary history of our work. Under the current fragmented world disorder full of war, injustice, terrorism, hatred, environmental destruction, poverty, and misery, our lives and destinies, and those of our children, are fraught with uncertainty and peril.

The World Constitution and Parliament Association  with the Earth Federation Institute works to take back responsibility for governing the Earth from militarized nation-states, vast unaccountable corporations, and gigantic crime or terrorist organizations, and, in their place, establish democratic self-government for all. We take direct action to promote and structure self-government at a global level by
presenting a widely deliberated Constitution for the Federation of Earth as the legal guideline for democratic, non-military, parliamentary world federation in which the citizens can participate to make the decisions that will affect their lives.

We are not willing to wait while the present powers dominating the U.N. and the Earth destroy human life and our planetary ecosystem. We are not willing to wait while more than a fifth of the human population goes to bed hungry at night: malnourished, diseased, living in hell. We are not willing to wait while the planetary ecosystem collapses around us, bringing ever-more death and destruction to peoples everywhere on Earth. We are not willing to wait while the great imperial powers prepare World War Three with their tactical nuclear weapons, their systematic torture and assassination of all who oppose their systems of global domination and exploitation.

We are not willing to wait until 1.5 billion people have “democratically” joined our movement before acting, with integrity and responsibility, to transform the present unjust and unworkable world disorder. We are not willing to go begging to the U.N. powers with the humble  request that they change the structure of the U.N. before it is too late. We are not willing to watch human life and the Earth destroyed while waiting for some illusory “democratic majority” to make a decision to


We stand upon the immense truth that each human being must live with integrity and take responsibility here and now for the self-government of ourselves and our planet. We understand that the present powers governing the world (huge unaccountable concentrations of wealth, vast secret military organizations, and grossly non-democratic decision procedures within the U.N.) are profoundly illegitimate. They have the power, but they have no legitimacy: no “right” to govern. As world citizens willing to take responsibility for the self-government of ourselves and our planet it is our duty to act, here and now, to establish a truly just, peaceful, and democratic world system.

We understand the historical nature of “origins.” Democratic majorities can only make legitimate decisions when there are institutions in place to recognize those decisions. However, there are no such democratic institutions in place for the world. Majorities cannot make decisions until such institutions are in place: until they are established, for example, by ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. In the absence of such institutionalized  procedures, world citizens must act to govern the Earth: for the Earth is now not being governed in the name of either democracy or justice,
but only in the name of power-seeking, war, greed, exploitation, raping of resources, and wanton destruction.

We citizens of the Earth must begin now to govern ourselves. We must understand that our present historic responsibility is to create a new beginning. To face courageously and with integrity that ours is a time demanding the establishment of a new beginning for the people of Earth. We act here and now to begin self-government for the Earth. To wait begging before the present world powers is cowardly and irresponsible. To refuse to act until some imaginary majority has first
acted is to abdicate our dignity and responsibility as citizens of this planet.

Under Article 19 of the Earth Constitution the citizens of Earth have the duty and responsibility: to begin “provisional” world government. The Provisional World Parliament and other developments under the emerging Earth Federation (based on the Earth Constitution) are not mere “models” or “suggestions,” hoping that the corrupt powers that be will somehow be inspired to change themselves. Rather, the Provisional World Parliament is the beginning of genuine government for the Earth. The only way to deal with the “problem of origins” is to establish a new beginning. From this beginning then comes the institutions and procedures for democratic decision-making by the people of Earth.

We are doing what is absolutely necessary at this critical juncture of history. We are not evading our responsibility by begging the illegitimate powers that exist to somehow change. As free world citizens of planet Earth, we are choosing to begin governing ourselves, governing on behalf of the disenfranchised people of Earth and on behalf of future generations who cry out to us: “Why have you been so timid in the face of the corrupt systems of power and domination now
destroying our lives, our future, and the precious Earth? Why do you continue to beg at their locked doorways? Where is your dignity,  vision, and assumption of gigantic responsibility for yourselves and the human condition?”

WCPA, EFI, the Earth Federation Movement, and the Provisional World Parliament represent real, effective action to transform our brutal and corrupt world disorder before it is too late. We represent the people of Earth who cry out for a true origin, a true new beginning that will institutionalize their sovereignty and dignity. Their hopes and dreams live through us. The children of Earth cry out to us to simply begin, here and now, legitimate government for the Earth. We are doing just that: acting with immense integrity and responsibility to establish a legitimate, democratic order upon the Earth.

Once that origin is established through ratification of the Earth Constitution, then institutions will be in place for the majority to
govern, making the Earth a happy and safe home for humanity. In the present moment, we simply must act courageously and autonomously to make that happen. Within WCPA, we citizens of Earth are taking direct responsibility for governing ourselves. An Earth Constitution has been drafted and personally ratified by many thousands of world citizens who are now taking responsibility for developing a peaceful and just world system. If you are willing to take this giant step into a life of true human autonomy, integrity, and global responsibility, then join us.

You will become part of a new dawning for humanity. You will be building the very foundations for a civilized and just world system. You will be participating in the gigantic world-historical task facing our
present generation: the founding of a new world system of peace, justice, prosperity, and sustainability. Acting in the here and now: for tomorrow is too late.