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The Earth Federation family of thinkers and activists is a dynamic team of persons dedicated to creating a decent world system of peace, justice, and sustainability under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.  You can designate  your donation to go to any of our projects or to the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) with whom we work closely.  Every donation, even the smallest, is very much appreciated and helps build a decent future for humanity and the world’s other living creatures.

The Earth Federation Institute is a tax-deductible educational charity in the USA.  Every donation helps to create a new future for our endangered world.


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Checks can be sent to Ms. Phyllis Turk, Treasurer, Earth Federation Institute, 313 Seventh Ave.,  Radford, VA  24141.  May God bless us all.



we dream of love
we dream of union
we dream of peace
we dream of equality
we dream of prosperity
we dream of democracy
we dream of happy families
we dream of a clean environment
we dream of sustainable civilizations
we dream of human, animal and plant rights
we dream of planet resources belonging to all of us

Earth Federation Movement.    Be the dream.

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